Kill La Kill The Game: IF Nintendo Switch Update Adds New DLC Character For Free


Kill La Kill The Game: IF Nintendo Switch Update Adds New DLC Character For Free

Kill la Kill The Game: IF gets a new update on Nintendo Switch that addresses various bugs, adds a brand-new playable character, and more.

Kill La Kill The Game: IF – Gameplay Features Overview Trailer

This trailer shall introduce to you the fundamental gameplay mechanics of the game, as well as a quick introduction to the various game modes available!
And also, featuring 2 more new playable characters!? Calling all fans of run-and-gun action! Don't miss out on the Contra games. Play them now.
Do watch it to the end!

Kill la Kill The Game: IF | 10 Minutes of Gameplay on Switch

Discover a brand new story through the eyes of Satsuki as she becomes the protagonist for the very first time!

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Kill La Kill IF Limited Edition – Unboxing

Here’s a look at the Kill La Kill IF limited edition, I was able to pick this up on PlayAsia

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Kill La Kill: IF Switch Review – JUST LIKE THE ANIME?

Kill La Kill: IF is an alternative story-line based on the Kill La Kill anime. With input from the show’s writer and developed by the team behind Dragonball Fighterz, is this a fighting game that’s worth your time? Find out in our Kill La Kill: IF Nintendo Switch Review Video…


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